Make Your Vacation Rental More Desirable By Installing A Fence

As a vacation rental owner, you may love seeing all the people that stay at your place. After hosting enough guests, you may have acquired a lot of information from direct feedback as well as online suggestions on how to improve the vacation rental. If you know that some of the complaints would be fixed with a fence, you should make it a priority to install one right away.

Curb Appeal

Although you may have invested a lot of time and effort into maximizing curb appeal with your vacation rental, you may know that you are limited in your abilities. For instance, you cannot replace what a fence can provide visually, so you will find it quite beneficial to install one.

While you can add a chain-link fence that looks quite attractive in the front yard, you will find that wood fences make it a lot easier to boost curb appeal substantially. This is especially true when you choose a picket fence and intricate post caps that stand out throughout the front yard.


A front yard fence may not provide that much home security because you want the front entry to be easily accessible. But, you can give your guests a decent amount of protection since the fence will make it a little more challenging for people to get to the front door or windows.

Where you will enjoy the greatest boost to security is with the backyard fence. In this area, you can focus on installing a tall fence that goes all the way around the backyard. Adding coyote rollers on the top will make it more challenging for large dogs and coyotes to get into the yard.

This will give peace of mind to guests who bring their kids or pets because they can let them spend time in the yard without having to worry about them getting out or anything coming in.


One of the greatest benefits that you will be able to provide by installing a fence is privacy. This requires that you install a solid fence in the backyard as this is the most reliable way to keep neighbors, pedestrians, and drivers from being able to see your vacationing guests outside.

When you want to make your vacation rental more desirable to potential guests, you should install a fence around the property and follow these tips to get the results you are looking for.